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Midshore Machine is a manufacturing facility located in Easton Maryland on Maryland Eastern shore. Starting as a small part time garage shop in 1990 we slowly expanded into a full-time facility in 2003. We started machining precision machine parts for local industry and now machine parts for companies all over the US. We specialize in Wire EDM, RAM EDM, Jig Grinding and CNC machining along with all other job shop tasks. We also design and build jigs and fixture for assembling your production parts or we can build you a complete machine to meet your assembly needs.

Due to our low overhead Midshore Machine is able to manufacture precision machine parts at an economical price. No matter what your machining needs are send us you’re drawing for a quote today. Email them to (WayneMarks@midshoremachine.com).

With over 25 years experience in the machining industry you can be confident in the quality of our work. At Midshore we look forward to working with you and would be glad to assist you in any of your machining needs. Below is a list of just some of our equipment and there capacities. Thank you for considering Midshore Machine.

Wayne Marks
Owner & Tool and Diemaker

EDM Machines    
Wire EDM’s    
2 Sodick BF 275 X Travel 200 MM (7.87 inches)
  Y Travel 300 MM (11.8 inches)
  Z Maximum work piece thickness 6 inch
Ram EDM    
  X Travel 300 mm (11.8 inch)
Sodick A3C-R Y travel 200 mm (7.87 inch)
  Z travel 250 mm (9.85 inch)
Jones & Shipman surface grinder 8 x 18
Moore No. 3 Jig Grinder X Travel 18 inch
  Y Travel 12 inches
CNC Milling Machine    
Eagle Knee Mill    
With Anilam control
X travel
35 inch
Y travel
16 inch
Knee Mills
2 Bridgeport knee mills
13x 30 Pratt & Whitney
12 x 24 Monach
10 x 24 Feeler
Example Projects:    

This image was Wire EDM from a plate of 14K gold. A jeweler then added the diamonds and it was given to the owner's wife as an anniversary gift.

Samples of just a few of the parts made at our facility.

Assemble machine designed and built at Midshore Machine. We can design and build machinery to assemble your production parts.

Request a quote today: Email Wayne at WayneMarks@midshoremachine.com.

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